• Easybuyrpc will find what you need quickly at a competitive price with high-qualified suppliers in China. This service is available for several languages (French, English, and Chinese)

  • Easybuyrpc.com propose service of sourcing in China, we search manufacturers or factories for your product or the same product of your rival and we delivery it.

  • Easybuyrpc offer a service of quality control with comprehensive analysis. We can supervise the quality of your product, collect samples, visit the factory before producing in mass and control your order before delivery

  • EasybuyRPC offers full service for sale on Amazon. Our service includes the purchase of goods from manufacturers, receipt of goods for quality control, product labeling and shipment to Amazon.

Easybuyrpc is a sourcing company registered and functioning in Hong Kong. For years, we are supply various departments (sourcing in China, China quality control, negotiations with suppliers, Shipping to Amazon FBA…) to enterprise and particulars who wish to buy in china their product with quietness.  

Composed essentially of a qualified and experienced team by many years of benefit of sourcing in china, Easybuyrpc constructed itself a brand of image near many customers throughout the world as well as near the suppliers in china. There by, we offer you a guarantee in the choice of your potential suppliers as well as many possibilities of negotiation near them with knowledge of their weaknesses in particular and opportunities that offer the Chinese market in general.

Our mission is to accompany you in the choice of the supplier, the negotiation and the sale of a product, the control of quality during the production (Normalize ISO, and that proper to every continent) as well as the expedition (particularly Shipping to Amazon FBA) of the commodity from China regardless of the product. There by to all direct yourself or the delegate to us the wideness of the process grace to our solution all in one. 

Our solution all in hand guaranty you a total transparence based on a continual personalized at all the levels of processes engaged notably the sending of documents (pictures, samples of products, ratios, notes…) to  every customer for him to have knowledge of the protrusion of thing day in day out.

 As what concerns the quantities of your products, we manage all and at all levels then, there is no MOQ. For all the points of shade, all questions, you can contact us. 

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