• Easybuyrpc will help you to find the good deal quickly and the qualified suppliers during your purchase from China. Don’t hesitate to contact us, we don’t require minimum quantity

  • Easybuyrpc.com offers the service to sourcing in China, Thanks to our experience, we collected numbers of reliable factories in a lot of fields. We know how to select the factories that will meet your requirements quickly. We can help to accomplish your project

  • Easybuyrpc offers service of quality control. we can inspect your merchandise ,collect samples, visit factories before producing in mass and inspect your order before delivery.

  • EasybuyRPC provides the whole service for sales on Amazon. Our service includes the purchase of goods, quality control, product labeling and shipment to Amazon.

Easybuyrpc is a company registered at Hong-Kong. It offers services (like sourcing in China, quality control, negotiation with suppliers and preparation for amazon FBA) to companies and individuals who want to buy from China.

Equipped with a team who has great experience in sourcing for many years. Easybuyrpc builds its reputation among our clients and suppliers which empower us with great capacity in the selection your potential suppliers as well as many opportunities for price negotiation thanks to year’s practice in business, well understanding of culture and marketing needs.

Our job is accompany by your side to choose the supplier, price negotiation, purchase goods and quality control during the production. The shipment (especially to amazon FBA) directly from China. For sure, you can manage all by yourself or delegate the entire process to us.

We guarantee you total transparency based on a personalized updates at all levels of the processes involved. Including documents sending photos, samples of product reports and reviews etcwe keep our customers updated in each step.

When it comes to minimum order, we will not impose it on you. Any questions, feel free to contact us.